We seek to share the gospel by educating those around us to pursue Christ daily.

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Our Story

Red Letter Coins was founded by a group of passionate individuals who shared a deep love for both numismatics and Christianity. We recognized the impact that daily reminders of God's word can have on one's spiritual journey, and we sought to create a unique way to integrate faith into everyday life.

As collectors ourselves, we understood the joy and significance that coins hold. We envisioned a tangible representation of the divine messages from the King James Bible that could be carried, treasured, and shared with others. With this vision in mind, Red Letter Coins was born.

Our Mission

At Red Letter Coins, our mission is to provide individuals with meaningful reminders of their faith that can be carried wherever life takes them. We strive to create beautiful, high-quality coins inscribed with carefully selected King James Bible verses that inspire, encourage, and uplift.

We believe that integrating the Word of God into our daily lives fosters a deeper connection with Christ. These coins serve as constant reminders to seek His guidance, find solace in His teachings, and share His love with others. Each coin is a testament to the power of faith and a symbol of devotion to the pursuit of Christ in our daily lives.